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Sliding Screen Door Repair Kit

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A Sliding Screen Door Roller or Wheel Replacement Kit

Is your sliding patio screen door sticking, jamming and falling off?

This universally fitting Sliding Screen Door Repair Kit will make the sliding screen door slide smoothly even with broken or frozen wheels or rollers.  There should be no reason to remove or replace the screen door rollers or wheels.

Our Sliding Screen Door Repair Kits work by preventing the corners of the screen door from digging into the door track when the door is being slid from side to side.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to install one of our Screen Door Repair Kits

Quick Installation Instructions

gluing screen door roller replacement
1) Just add adhesive to edges
installing screen door wheel replacement
2) Slide it in the end of the door on both sides to it's even with the edge of the door.
That's it.  You're done!
Comes with shims in case the slot in the door is wider than 3/16".  Just apply adhesive to side of Screen Door Guide, attach shim, apply more adhesive on shim and slide in end of door.  It also comes with Self Drilling Screws to ensure they never come loose.

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