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sliding door wheel replacement kit

Sliding Glass Patio Door Rebuild Kit for Beachfront Properties

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A sliding door roller or wheel replacement kit designed for beach front properties where corrosion from salt air is damaging the current sliding door wheels or rollers.

There are over 258 makes and models of rollers for sliding glass doors. Assuming you find the right one, then you normally have to spend a good bit of time to take the entire bottom of the door off to get the rollers out. Oops, wrong roller. Put it all back together & start over.

Or all the sliding door nuts, bolts and parts are all corroded together. Then there's bumps and dips in the rail. What a pain!

"Sliding Door Rebuild Kits" are designed to be a "Wham-Bam" permanent repair that should FIT MOST EVERY DOOR and virtually last a lifetime!

This very slippery, Teflon impregnated material is extremely durable and designed to be used for highly abusive applications, such as chain guides for heavy equipment.

Doors slide like new! Quiet too!

Kit Contains:
Sliding door wheel replacement kit for the beach
4 - 2 foot long 1/4 inch stainless steel roller rail covers
1 - 8 foot long plastic "Slide Rail" in either black or white
2 - Slide Guide "Blocks" that take the place of the rollers
2 - bolts (1", 1-1/4" & 1-1/2") and nutserts
8 - shims
1 - tube of adhesive
"Rebuild Kit" will repair one door up to 8 feet in length and includes detailed installation instructions, glue and all installation hardware.
Additional "Rail Covers" and "Slide Rail" can be purchased for doors larger than 8 feet in length.

Quick Installation Instructions

Basically, you take the sliding door out and thoroughly clean the new and existing roller rail.

Then snap and glue a new 1/4 inch stainless steel sliding door roller rail cover onto the existing roller rail to straighten out any bumps or dips in the sliding door track.

gluing plastic rail on sliding door track

Then you snap and glue the 8 foot long, hard, slippery, specially extruded plastic "Slide Rail" on the new stainless sliding door roller rail.

installing wheel replacement part for sliding door

Slide Guide "Blocks" are inserted in the bottom frame on each side of the sliding patio door where the sliding patio door rollers are located. They are made of a very slippery, Teflon impregnated plastic and are 2 inches long X 1 inch high X 7/16 inch wide.

A 7/32 inch hole is drilled through the door and Slide "Guide Block". Then a bolt and nutsert is inserted in the hole and tightened. The bolt acts as an axle and also squeezes the frame together pinching the Slide Guide "Block" so the door doesn't wobble.

Then re-install the sliding door and lubricate. That's it, your done!

The groove of the Slide Guide "Block" (very slippery Teflon impregnated plastic) straddles and slides on the "Slide Rail" (hard, slippery plastic on rail) making the door slide straight, easily and quietly. Thereby the Slide Guides "Blocks" take the place of the sliding door rollers.

The door will Slide Like New! Quiet Too!


You may need a hand grinder or Dremel Tool to nip off the edges of any "mushroomed" or flared out portions of the existing roller rail so the new stainless steel roller rail will easily snap on.

It is recommended to use a quick drying epoxy putty, such as JB Weld Epoxy Putty, under any areas with dips to support the new roller rail. It can be easily molded, dries rock hard and will help support the weight of the sliding door as it slides over those areas.

Be sure to use all safety precautions when installing this product.

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