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White screen door track cover

Aluminum Sliding Screen Door Rail Cover - White- 1 inch Wide

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White Sliding Screen Door Replacement Track Repairs Sticking Sliding Screen Doors

They raise the sliding screen patio doors up so they can't bottom out where the existing sliding screen door rail is worn down or broken off.

Sliding screen patio door rail covers are designed to come to a point where sliding screen door rollers ride so that the sliding screen door rollers "hold onto" the rail. They are 1 inch wide with the point right in the middle or at the 1/2 inch mark.

To fix the sliding screen door track, simply remove the sliding patio screen door, place rail cover over existing rail, glue into place and replace the door. How simple is that?

Screen door rail covers are white painted aluminum.

Aluminum Sliding Patio Screen Door Rail Cover comes with a tube of adhesive and Installation Instructions.

4 foot and longer pieces shipped in 1-1/2 inch PVC with end caps to help insure it doesn't get bent. Price includes additional shipping charge due to weight and length.


The inside "point" of the rail cover stands approximately 1/4 inch high.  Therefore, there is a good possibility that the existing rail will need ground down with a hand grinder, especially if it is rounded, so that the new cover will seat properly.

It is recommended to thoroughly degrease and clean the track prior to installing the Screen Door Track Cover.  A degreaser such as Purple Power or Simple Green should be applied, let set for a few minutes to thoroughly eat the grease and oil, wiped off with a clean rag then apply rubbing alcohol on the area and wipe to insure all the grease and oil and degreaser is removed before adhering cover.

It is also suggested to rough up both the cover and the area the cover is to be applied with 60 or 80 grit sandpaper so the adhesive has a good surface to "bite" into.

The adhesive tacks up in about 10 minutes, gets decently hard within an hour and completely hardens within 24 hours.  Therefore, the door could be used within an hour since most of the force is horizontal or side to side and not vertical or up and down.